Jordan Dee was born in Italy and has been in the music business since 1983.
His soulful house music is reminiscent of some very unforgettable artists. Many of these well known performers that have worked alongside Jordon admire and appreciate his work, namely; CeCe Rogers, Joe T Vannelli, Richard Earnshaw, Stefano Noferini, Brian Tappert, Louis Benedetti, Samuele Sartini, Wendy D.Lewis……… to name but a few.
JD became a drummer and vocalist from a young age and later went on to form his first band. After a few years he discovered a passion for house music and in pursuance of this, left the band and set up Joysound Recording Studio, where he produced and collaborated with others.
He went on to form 2 more groups, Daytansystem and White Soul Project (the later with Dj Ann Rick and Massimo Pelosi). JD is always on top of new productions with great sounds and some heavy grooves that will be appreciated for all your types of mix.
JD has two new productions in the pipe line with a very entertaining hard groove mix. Those following JD know what to find in his style of music and will appreciate many of his well known tracks such as; Star Dance, If I Ever Loose My Faith In You (Joe T Vannelli Rmx), Give In (Richard Earnshaw Rmx), Ever Love, Let’s Get Back The Feeling ft. CeCe Rogers, A Friend ft. Wendy D. Lewis Rmx, Dance With You – Rmx, Love Somebody – Rmx, Steave Ostin At Funk (Daytansystem), This is Your Lifeā€¦…..many of his tracks are included on various compilations such as Hedkandi and played by some very well known international DJs, Kenny Dope for example is just one of many!
JD gives the very best of himself musically and nothing is by chance, each sound created reflects memories of soul funk, many a house beat and pure enjoyment for all.